Notice of Intent to Issue State Debt
or Enter Into a Lease Purchase Agreement

The Texas Bond Review Board is responsible for approval of all state debt issues and lease purchases with an initial principal amount greater than $250,000 or a financing term greater than five years.

Notice of Intent to Issue (excerpt from the BRB Rules, Sec. 181.2)

Submission of an application for board approval to issue state debt must be preceded by a written notice of intent to issue no later than three weeks prior to the date requested for board consideration.

The notice must contain:

  1. a brief description of the proposed issuance, including, but not limited to, the purpose, the tentative amount, and a brief outline of the proposed terms;
  2. the proposed timing of the issuance with a tentative date of purchase;
  3. a request to have the debt issuance or lease-purchase scheduled for consideration by the board during a specified monthly meeting;
  4. an agreement to submit the required application see Application Forms no later than the first Tuesday of the month in which the applicant requests board consideration;and
  5. Evidence that all necessary approvals for the issuance of the state securities or the project to be financed, including authorization of the Issuer's Board to proceed with the financing, have been obtained (i.e. Board minute order or resolution).
Non-Exempt Issuers Exempt Issuers