Final Report Forms

In accordance with Chapter 1231, Texas Government Code and Section 181.5 of the Texas Bond Review Board Rules, a final transaction report is to be completed and sent to the Bond Review Board within 60 days of the closing of the debt issue. Email reports to State Debt Analysts.

The files below have been saved in Microsoft Excel format. There is one form for competitive sales, negotiated sales, and private placements, and a separate form for lease-purchase transactions.

Please remember to include the following when sending a copy to the Texas Bond Review Board:
1. Official Statement

2. Debt Service Schedule(s) including full numbers analysis and debt summary statistics – Send debt service schedules (for each series) in electronic format. Debt service schedules should include principal and interest payments and payment dates. Debt service schedules for issues that include tuition revenue debt should be sent with a separate debt service schedule for the tuition revenue debt portion and non-tuition revenue debt.

3. Refunded Bond Debt Service Schedule(s) (if applicable). Separate refunded debt service schedules between tuition revenue debt portion and non-tuition revenue debt.

4. Summary of Bond Orders and Allotments – Orders and allotments should be totaled by firm and type. (See example)

5. Accretion Table (if applicable)

6. Transcript

BRB Final Report forms available for downloading:

finalreport.xls – to report a competitive sale, negotiated sale, or private placement
lp.xls – to report a lease-purchase transaction
allot.xls – an example of orders and allotments, totaled by firm and type